Asian Haircuts


Hair types, just like skin types or eyelid shapes, are various, and thus require specific care and management. For example, Asian people’s hair is different from Westerner’s hair, so there are different rules to caring and styling it. Therefore, in this article we’ll talk about Asian haircuts and styles and what you can do to care for your hair better.

To begin with, Asian hair is in most cases stronger, coarser and more resistant to damage, because the hair follicle is twice in diameter than Western hair. The hair shaft on Asian people is thicker and grows much faster than with other ethnic groups, and the cycle of growth can last up to nine years, rather than the usual maximum of seven years. Balding is also rarer with Asian people and gray hairs appear somewhat later. Yet Asian women may experience hair loss more often than other types of women. Asian hair is usually so straight and shiny because of the type of hair follicle, which is completely round. Another characteristic of Asian hair is that it is prone to oily scalp, so daily wash can be necessary in extreme cases.

But what are the best Asian haircuts, considering how different the hair type is? Fortunately, in today’s fashion world where every minute detail of someone’s appearance can be improved and modified, any type of hair can find its solution. First of all, Asian haircuts can be like any other haircuts, but the hair must be treated a bit differently during styling for optimal effects. Because Asian hair is more porous, it can be colored and permed almost half as faster than other types of hair. This is why you should use milder shampoos, conditioners, bleachers, dyes and perming chemicals for Asian hairstyles, otherwise the hair will be damaged and burned.

Some of the best Asian hairstyles for women are the bob hairstyles, which go great with the dark, shiny and straight locks most Asian women have. No matter the length you choose for your bob, make sure you use styling creams and protective layers to protect the hair if you need to bob the edges or straighten it more. We think blonde Asian haircuts are pretty impressive and daring too, and we’ve seen them on actresses like Devon Aoki, Lucy Liu and Sandra Oh. With the help of a talented hairstylist, any Asian man or woman can sport shades of blonde locks, which also go well with the “grown roots” look.