Autumn/Winter 2016 Trends to Watch For



It’s almost impossible to believe that another summer has once again said its goodbyes. Every year, it seems as if the moment the good weather finally hits us, it’s gone again just as quickly as it arrived. Which to a certain extent is always disappointing, but from a fashion perspective it means embracing a world of new autumn/winter trends. The latest women’s fashion is already flying off the shelves all over the world, once again taking creativity to new heights and welcoming a few timeless favourites back into the mix.

Needless to say, it’s been an incredibly interesting year on the catwalks of Europe, but some of the most important A/W 2016 labels never actually made it to the summer’s big-name fashion shows. As far as the world’s leading fashion editors are concerned, perhaps the single most important trend for the upcoming season this year is making things up as you go along. Perhaps not literally, but mixing and matching is definitely the rule of the season – as is making your look your own, whatever look you decide to go for. And if you’ve always preferred drama over stripped-back simplicity, this could very well be the season for you.

Long story short – individualism is very much the in-thing for autumn/winter 2016.

But in terms of actual specifics, exactly what kinds of autumn/winter garments are finding their way onto the shopping lists of those in the know right now?

Surreal Stripes

Well, it’s not as if stripes have ever been considered a trend in their own right – the reason being that they are about as timeless and universally gorgeous as it gets. However, what’s different as far as autumn/winter 2016 is concerned is the way in which designers are really pushing the envelope when it comes to textures, proportions and colours. They are basically working with stripes, though at the same time throwing the rule book entirely out of the window with regard to how they are used. Big and bold, small and disproportioned – pretty much anything that steps away from the norm. If stripes are your thing, you’re in luck this season.

Elevated Everyday Outfits

Also right on-trend for autumn/winter is taking everyday outfits of a relatively understated nature and in some way amping them up with luxe accessories or statement pieces. It’s basically a case of dressing conservatively, though ensuring there is at least something in there that transforms the statement your overall loom makes. This also includes accessories along with statements separates, which can have the most incredible impact when paired with a contrasting look. The beauty of this particular trend being that it gives you plenty of scope to work with the garments and accessories you already have.

Cats and Butterflies

There’s no two ways about it – cats and butterflies are absolutely everywhere this season. Cats in particular seem to have once again stepped out of Instagram and right into the heart of the fashion world, making it into a thousand and one designs from the world’s biggest fashion houses. Big and bold butterflies have been seen gracing everything from clutch bags to scarves to blouses and are turning heads the world over. Keep it kitsch or effortlessly elegant – just make sure there’s a butterfly or cat in there somewhere!

80s Revival

Some of the more questionable staples of the 1980s made a very big comeback at a number of fashion shows in Milan and London toward the end of the summer. The focus was mainly on evening wear, with everything from fishnet tights to spiked stilettos and a hell of a lot of leather and lace making a name for itself. Asymmetric cuts and lashing of latex were never far from the catwalk, adding up to an interesting autumn/winter 2016 trend but one that might be tricky for some to pull off.

Goth Glamour

There was an undeniable note of darkness in many influential autumn/winter 2016 catwalk shows, where goth glamour made a name for itself as a choice trend for the season. In most cases, it was an amalgamation of Victorian steam punk with OTT theatrical gothic elements and wildly overstated accessories.

Killer Corsets

Last but not least, the corset has once again returned with a bang in the form of a trend that is gaining serious momentum all over the world. Corsets have the potential to bring an entire look together like nothing else – going for the underwear-as-overwear look making a pretty bold statement in its own right. With the potential to be worn as elegantly or outrageously as you’re comfortable with, the possibilities with a killer corset really are endless.