Bob Haircuts


The bob haircut has existed for over a hundred years now, but it only gained popularity and acceptance among young women somewhere in the 1920s. It was common for young little girls to have their hair cut in bob haircuts as early as the 1890s, but young adult women who wanted to be respectable grew the hair longer. However, with the beginning of First World War, more and more women had to go into the work field, so they started adopting short, bob hairstyles because their long locks would sometimes get in the way of work. Slowly, modern society ladies and soon afterwards movie celebrity actresses started sporting bob haircuts, and a whole craze spreading through the Western world saw a new generation of women, who were more empowered, more confident and even more business-like.

The bob haircut was still not accepted everywhere in society, as more conservative parties saw this as an act of rebellion and a renunciation of femininity. Nevertheless, the bob hairstyles were here to stay as they seemed attractive to more and more women, and female hairdressers found themselves in the awkward position of not knowing how to style short bob haircuts. As a consequence, many women queued in front of barbershops, requesting the experience they had with short hair. Towards the 1930s the bob fashion faded, only to be brought back again in the 60s by Vidal Sassoon, a famous male British hairstylist. He reinvented the bob by giving it a simpler, more elegant even cut.

Since then, the bob hairstyle has never really gone out of fashion, as it is resurrected every few years by a celebrity or actress or some fashion hairstylist. Among the most famous celebrities who have sported bob haircuts there are Billie Davis, Jean Muir, Barbara Feldon, Mia Farrow, Dolly Parton, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Uma Thurman and, more recently, famous singers Rihanna and Lady Gaga. We have also seen actresses Michelle Williams, Christina Ricci, Emily Blunt and many others. Nowadays, when a woman is looking for a short haircut, they will almost undoubtedly opt for a bob haircut, because it is both utilitarian and fashionable. A woman’s short haircut has to maintain a level of femininity, and the bob has been doing it successfully for decades.

There are several basic bob haircuts you can choose from, but you can adapt and style them to your own preferences. First, there’s the Chinese bob, which is cut around the neckline and bobbed up at the edges; then we have the “A-line bob” which is a normal bob cut with longer bangs, cut asymmetrically. There’s also the Pageboy, which is a straight, shoulder-length hairstyle with an eyebrow-long fringe. Anyone can wear a bob hairstyle, choosing a variation that suits the shape of their face and their overall style.

The great thing about this haircut is that it can be easily shaped in order to match any event. It is one of the best prom hairstyles for short hair but it is also great for career women who are looking for elegant office looks. It emanates confidence and it is perfectly suited for the modern women of the 21st century. So whether you are looking for prom hairstyles for short hair or you want a look that makes you bolder and more confident, then the bob haircut is your best choice.