Braided styles you must try this summer


In the summer time the temperatures rise quickly and it is not worth spending time and effort into creating complicated coiffures even if you go out at night. As what concerns women, in the summer they can pull off causal looks that at the same time give the impression of elegance. In order to style your hair for this season without resorting to the hair curler and damaging it, you should try the latest trend in summer hairstyles: braided hair. Although braiding your hair may remind of your childhood when your mother would make you pretty as a picture, the truth is that the trend has never completely died and all the hairdressers in Ottawa are doing it. So take a peak and see what is hot and what is not and what you can try for yourself.

The braided crown 

This version of braided hair is perfect for women who have medium-length hair and at the basis it is constructed using classic French braids. In order to achieve this look at home, you have to split your lock into two sections and realize a V formation that begins at the top of the temples and ends at the crown of the head. What you have to do next is to take three pieces of locks and interweave them so as to make sure that you incorporate hair from each side of the head in the moment that you traverse. The action is repeated until the locks run out. In addition to this, the look can be achieved with the help of regular braids that are secured with elastics and afterwards pulled up over the head and pinned down. In an instant you will look as elegant as Yulia Tymoshenko.

The fishtail

The coiffure works better on longer hair due to the fact that it requires texture in order to hold. You can either have a side fishtail or choose to do both sides. In the first scenario, the hair is drawn to one side, which best suits you, and you tie it into a low ponytail which is captured at the base of the neck with the help of sheer elastic. The locks are then separated into two sides in order to start braiding them. The key is to get a piece from the outside of the opposing section, preferably a narrow strip, and drag it to meet the one that is in your hand being careful to let them meet in the middle. Consequently, you keep on incorporating hair from each section until you run out of hair. If you prefer two tails, you will have to work extra.

The flower bun

This style is not only confortable, but it is also highly stylish and can even be worn at a red carpet event. It basically consists of a Dutch braid that is transformed into a bun. The hair will be parted on the left side of the head and the braiding will commence from this point. It is necessary two create two or three low braids that will be secured with the help of elastics. Basically the hair is interwoven along the natural hair line and is directed towards the right year. You can either pinned it to stay still or to tuck the ends into a bun for a wow effect.

To conclude, these are all complicated styles that are difficult to achieve by yourself and this is why you should go to a salon even when it comes to getting a day look. Braids are essential for the summer time due to the fact that they look great and they give you a feeling of comfort and protect you from the hot weather.