Can you become a professional make-up artist without going to beauty school?

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There has never been a better time for self-training and, if you love anything that has to do with beauty and make-up, you can definitely pick up a few tricks by watching beauty gurus on YouTube. This comes in handy when you’re going on a fancy night out and need some ideas for a vampy smoky eye make-up, but what happens when you want to turn your hobby into a profession? Some believe that beauty schools have become obsolete, that there’s no need to pay for professional courses anymore because you have free access to online training materials. However, make-up courses have never been more relevant. If you invest a few hours every week into training with the experts, you have a better chance at finding more clients and becoming an authority in your field.

You need the prestige of a diploma

Becoming a well-known make-up artist means either starting your own business or getting hired in someone else’s salon. No matter what option you choose, you still need a diploma because in many states practitioners are legally require to hold some sort of degree before professing. Even if your state does not require this, people still want to know that their make-up artist has the right training before trusting them. It is not just a formality: clients prefer accredited salons and independent make-up artists. Not few are the cases when clients ask about a beauty school diploma first and if they don’t get a positive answer they refuse to hire the makeup artist.

Professional guidance

As useful as online video tutorials might be, nothing can compare to the guidance of a professional make-up artist who watches you as you work, analyses your technique and gives you bespoke advice. It goes without saying that you can seek inspiration from make-up gurus as well, but learning to become a make-up artist on your own takes much more time and effort. Getting a beauty school tuition is worth it and it will impact your career in a positive way, so think of it as an investment in yourself. You will have a mentor who will make sure you understand the basics of applying makeup and you will be able to train on actual models until you get it right.

Create better connections

Another great reason why you should seek a beauty school tuition near you is because this will allow you to get in touch with professionals in your field and create connections. From your years of training you will be able to build a network of clients, mentors and fellow make-up artists who could later become your partners. In any profession, the more people you know, the better, and make-up is no exception. You should look at beauty school as an opportunity for networking and making new friends. No matter if you go there just for a few hours a week or you opt for intensive training, this type of education will boost your career and help you hone your skills.