Causes of hair loss

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The hair represents an important element of our beauty and it really doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman, man, teenager or adult as this feature will definitely make you more attractive or it can make you feel embarrassed by the way it looks. There are many persons who have different problems associated to the way their hair looks like which if not treated can lead to hair loss. And since the causes of hair loss can be countless you should find out about some of them who are more commonly leading to this hair condition which is not something to be proud of.

Causes of hair loss

Of course there are numerous cases in which men have to face hair loss because they seem to be more exposed to this hair condition than women. The genes seem also to contribute to hair loss in the situation of adult men. Today, the innovations in medicine though can help them in getting back the hair they used to have with different types of medical treatments and surgical interventions. You should know there are hair transplants which are successfully helping in the male pattern of losing hair.

But along with men women seem also to suffer from hair loss but in their case this hair condition seems to be more a result of the long and intense process of dying and styling hair with different hair styling products and tools.

If you are among the women who like to look modern and try to adapt their hairstyles to the latest trends then you should know that putting many different colors on your hair in a relatively short period of time can have bad consequences on your hair. Also if you like to use different styling tools like blow dryers, flat or curling irons then your should know they can always turn into causes of hair loss.

Usually a hair which is kept as natural of possible and with less styling products on is definitely the one that has a great texture, volume and shine. The many dyes and styling products usually contain different chemicals that affect the hair strength and shine and lead to hair loss. Of course if you have to use these products a great thing would be to go for the ones which are more natural and contain less harmful ingredients. Among other causes of hair loss we should also consider the lack of some vitamins which are essential for the scalp health and hair growth. Not to mention that a diet based on vegetables and fruits can give your hair the vitamins it needs to nourish its follicles and make it stronger.