Christmas party makeup look: simple or extravagant?

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Wardrobe and makeup decisions represent nothing but a nightmare for any woman passionate about beauty so it does not come as a surprise that making these types of choices becomes a time-consuming process. On a scale from one to ten, choosing the outfit style for a party is even more difficult than solving a problem at math.  A fashionista will definitely put choosing the outfit on ten and solving the problem on five, mostly because most of the times you can find the solution at the end of the book, but you understand the point. However, what do you do when you have to choose a makeup look for the Christmas party? Of course, the natural thing someone will say is not to panic, but we all know that this is exactly what you are going to do. Just think about it: at the end of the day, you have to choose between two main looks: natural or dramatic.

Winter is an inspirational festive season – reflect it in your makeup look

It should not be as difficult as you think if you just consider your personality. Moreover, you can draw inspiration from so many Christmas decorations. For instance, take a close look at the Christmas tinsel and see if it inspires you. It is definitely sparkly and eye-catching; it probably matches an extravagant look. If you do opt for something more dramatic, all you have to do is choose the colors that you plan to combine. You can select from a multitude of shades and combinations, but you should really take into consideration your skin tone and the color of your eyes if you want the makeup look to complement your beauty. Furthermore, you should also think about the outfit. The truth is that your makeup and outfit must go hand in hand.

You can keep it simple without giving up on elegance and uniqueness

If you are looking for a simple makeup that you can recreate easily in the last moment, you should find plenty of examples online. You can add your personal touch to exude sophistication and originality, but you can follow the same steps. For instance, instead of just going for a classic cat eye, you can personalize the look by using your makeup skills and change the shape or instead of using the black eyeliner, you can choose a brighter color like red, blue or green. The possibilities are endless: you just need to perfect your technique.