Classic Makeup Looks

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Nowadays when almost anything has been tried and done twice before, it’s difficult to come up with a new look or an innovative makeup. If you’re tired of trying out all the trendy makeup ideas and trying to keep up with all the latest fashions in makeup, you might like to go back to some classic makeup looks. When we think of classic makeup, we think of beauties like Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Rita Hayworth. All these cinema icons were famous for their natural beauty and their unsurpassed grace; it is to be admired how elegant and stylish these women were with a minimum of makeup.

Classic Makeup Looks

The basic items you need for classic makeup looks are foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara, brow liner and the invariable red lipstick. This was a look that most women adopted, indifferent of their skin color; the hair was usually shorter and gathered up in curls, and the face looked clean, with just a few features enhanced by makeup. If you’ve decided to try out the classic look you need to be prepared to accept that less is more.

The first thing you have to do when trying to achieve classic makeup looks is to take care of your skin. No makeup will make you look beautiful if your skin is blemished, so you need to figure out a daily care program for yourself. Use mild soaps and toners, and always moisturize a little, even if you feel you don’t need it. Now you can choose your foundation and apply it evenly on the face and neck, using a sponge or brush; you can add some concealer under the eyes if you have dark circles or just look tired.

The next step is to apply some powder, which will help the foundation set; you can even use some blush, but apply it very discreetly and opt for natural colors. Now you’re ready to tend to your eyes; black eyeliner was and still is the king, so make sure you always have some in your makeup kit. You can either apply discreet lines of black or you can create longer, cat tails to your eye makeup. Start from the inner corners of the eye and make your way to the outer corner with small strokes, thickening the line as you finish.

Apply two or three coats of black mascara, or use fake lashes for a more dramatic effect. In the end it is time for the most important part of the classic makeup looks, the red lipstick. You can choose any shade of red you like, or that fits you, but a matte color is more to the point. Now you are finished and can enjoy your vintage look.