Complete your look with a neat manicure


Hands are some of the most important parts of a woman’s look, so each and every woman should take care of her skin and nails. Even if you have not been naturally gifted with the most beautiful hands, there are still many things you can do to make them look healthy and neat. Due to the evolution of technology, nowadays many beauty salons offer complete and varied services related to manicure, and you will for sure find something suitable to your personal style and natural features. Whether you are courageous and want to try a bold nail polish in the most fashionable colours of the moment, or you like the natural style more, with French manicure and nude colours, you can have all these if you choose the best beauty salon in town. For more information about the most popular nail art techniques or if you want to analyze some advantageous offers, just visit us. Professional manicurists can provide you with a complete treatment for healthy and beautiful nails, including filing, polishing and many others.

Standard manicure still represents the base of a healthy process, and can also bring a neat finish to your nails. A beautiful manicure can be the detail which makes the difference for your attire, and most of the times, represents the perfect accessory to any look, if you choose carefully and match your nails’ design to the garments you are wearing. No matter which treatments and method you decide to use for your hands and nails treatment, standard manicure is a mandatory step which guarantees the best final outcome. There are newer techniques arising, but all these must start with cleaning and applying a base polish layer, which is why traditional manicure is far from being removed from beauty salons. However, this technique is perfectly suitable for somebody who is not used to having her nails done, but wants them to look great for a unique and special occasion. The normal polish only lasts few days and can be not only easily removed, but also maintained at home. Furthermore, if you get bored in a short time, you can get rid of the old design and try a new one, because the polish does not require sophisticated devices or solutions to be removed.

In case you have fragile nails which break very often, acrylic manicure will be your perfect choice. This method has a double effect: on the one hand, it extends the length of the nail, and on the other, it help nails be stronger and more fixed. The overlay is placed on the natural nail, which can still grow freely underneath, without any breaks. You can choose between two types of tips: the natural one, which can be afterwards covered in a coloured layer of polish, or the white French one – both are applied with an adhesive, spread on the whole surface of the nail. The most revolutionizing method is the CND Shellac – it does not involve waiting for the nails to dry, because it simply involves applying a coloured layer, such as a sticker, and the results can last more than fourteen days.