Cute Short Haircuts


More and more women are opting for short cute haircuts, which are not only great for hot summers, but for busy women in general who want an elegant, stylish look that doesn’t require much care. Cute short haircuts can also be a great choice for young mothers, who lack the time to style and wish to avoid long, tangled hairs around their babies’ fingers or wrists. Fortunately, there are countless short haircuts to choose from, and anyone can find a style that suits them.

The most famous and definitely queen of all cute short haircuts is the bob, which has been in fashion for over a hundred years now and is still one of the most coveted and reinvented hair styles. What’s great about the bob is that it suits women of all ages, being famous for actually making you look younger. You can choose any length of bob you like, from very short ones, like Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn used to wear, to longer, shoulder-length ones, like we’ve seen on celebrities Jennifer Aniston and Emily Blunt. The bob also goes great with any hair color, whether it’s your own natural color or a fashionable red with golden highlights.

Cute short haircuts can make you look elegant and classy without putting too much effort into it. Just use some styling gel, mousse, hair sprayer or some rollers and let your imagination run wild. Short haircuts with jagged, uneven edges and layers are great for eccentric, wild girls who like to have fun and experiment with hairstyles. One of the great cute short haircuts that have come back in fashion lately is the short pixie haircut with long, diagonal fringes; this hairstyle looks great with blonde or red hair, as we’ve seen on celebrities like Rihanna or Mia Wasikowska. Their short female hairstyles have inspired numerous women to cut their locks as well and try on a new look; we’re sure these haircuts will be popular still for some time to come, so don’t hesitate to adopt one if you like.

You can create layers of color, fringes, uneven bangs, curled hair locks mixed with straight ones, or just some loose curls for a more feminine, Marilyn Monroe look. What’s important is that you are confident in yourself and not afraid to try something new. Just take a look at Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams or Halle Berry – which has been sporting short haircuts for decades – and see how feminine and sensual they still look. If you want more inspirational pictures of layered haircuts, check out the There you will find all the advice you need for picking the haircut which would complement your features the most.

Shorter haircuts are also ideal for women who experience hair loss or who have rare hair to begin with. The short haircut will make your hair look thicker and more voluminous.