Eye Makeup

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Eye makeup is one of the most important elements of facial makeup, and it can ruin or correct a face depending on how you use it. In order to have great eye makeup, you must know the steps to applying makeup and the techniques of applying it. It is also vital that you use qualitative products, as cheaper ones can ruin the skin and fade quicker and get cakey on the eyelid. The shape of the eyes, eyelids and eyebrows is also important when applying makeup, because shades and colors must be combined correctly. For deep set eyes, lighter tones of eyeshade on the lower lid and darker shades on the upper lid are advised for best results, whereas single-lid eyes can use shadow-eye makeup and darker tones of eye shadow on the lower lid to give it depth.

Eye Makeup

But there are many more considerations to account to, like eye color; for example, blue eyes are best enhanced by warm colors like brown, gold, or orange, whereas dark eyes can look amazing with slivers, grays, and so on. These rules mean nothing if we don’t know how to apply makeup in the first place, so in what follows we’ll show you a few simple steps to do it.

First of all, apply some concealer to cover the circles under your eyes and on the inner corners; this will also make the eyes look lighter and livelier. Pat, rather than smudge the concealer under the eyes, until there are no lines or dots. The second step you must follow is to use eye base; you can get this from any makeup store, but like we said, it is best not to be cheap about these things if you want your eye makeup to look good and your skin flawless. Eye base will make your eye shade last longer, even up to twelve hours.

The next step involves using eyeliner; choose whatever color fits you or the eye shadow you’ve chosen but know that black eyeliner is always in fashion and suits everyone. However, fair-skinned women like blondes or redheads with light-colored eyes can opt for brown for better results. Follow the upper line of your eye with the eyeliner, going a bit thicker on the outer corner. On the lower line, apply a thinner line from the middle of the eye outwards. Now you can apply eye shadow using a special brush; it’s great to combine two or three colors, choosing from the same tones to be safe. Just make sure you blend well and there are no smudges. You can also correct your brows with a pencil of the same color, blending well where the hairs are not complete. Finish off your look with one or two layers of mascara, starting well from the bottom of the eyelashes, to make them look longer.