Eye Makeup Looks

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Applying makeup is easy, but applying it correctly is far from it. In order to know and achieve the ability to create the eye makeup looks that suit us, we have to practice and learn some tricks and secrets that all the master makeup artists know. It is not impossible to achieve a great makeup at home if we follow some step by step instructions.


Daylight makeup is easier to achieve because it has to be more natural and discreet. A little bit of foundation, a brown eye shadow and a touch of lip gloss are all it takes, but evening makeup is a totally different situation. One of the most difficult eye makeup looks to achieve is the dramatic eyes look, but now you too can do it at home in a few simple steps. You can make your eyes the center of attention by using some simple tools like shadow and false lashes. A dramatic makeup can make your eyes look bigger and more intense, and it will be perfect for a special event or a night in town. Start by lining the upper lash line of your eyes, from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes. The line has to be thinner at the inner edges, becoming thicker towards the outer edges. The thickness depends on the shape of your eye and your skills.


It is advised you use dark shades, with black and brown being the best choices, but charcoal and plum are in fashion now and you can try them if you’re feeling bold. You cannot complete these types of eye makeup looks without a complete set of makeup tools. The next step involves using a stiff eye shadow brush to smudge the line a bit, while maintaining the shape of the line. You’re supposed to blend the color upwards so it becomes gradually lighter towards the crease, giving a very dramatic look to the outer corners.

Now choose a dark eye shadow that matches the eye liner, or try a complimentary shade. With a brush dab the outer corner close to the lash line; this will also prevent the eye liner from smudging. If you want this to be one of those really spectacular eye makeup looks, highlight your lids with shadows like beige, champagne, gold or rosy pink. Blend the edges between the highlighter and eye shadow and apply some of the dark liner on the lower lash lines as well. Finally, complete the look with some dark mascara.