Eye makeup tips for blue eyes

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There are many people who have great blue eyes that bring more interest to their faces. If you are a woman with blue colored eyes then you must be very lucky as your eye color is special and with the best eye makeup tips for blue eyes you can turn your eyes into a very seductive feature of your face. Of course the best way to make your eyes stand out is to use some appropriate colors and learn how to apply them the best way so that your eyes won’t look very unusual. You should also try to avoid using too much color or overdo your makeup as this way you will succeed in drawing everyone’s attention on the colors on your face than on your eyes.

Eye makeup tips for blue eyes

Usually the best way to makeup your blue eyes is to choose some blue undertones for your eyes which are great in adding more depth to your eyes and making them look larger. Most women with blue eyes take care in choosing an eye shadow for their eyelids that is either one shade darker or one shade lighter than the natural color of their eyes. You should also keep in mind this tip next time you want to use appropriate makeup for your blue eyes. Using an eye shadow which has the same color like your eyes is somehow monotonous and gives no special effect to your eyes. You should know you can go for other colors than the undertones for your eyes, too and great tone options for your eyelids can also be some violet, silver and gold shades which seem to be ideal in reflecting your eyes.

Among the eye makeup tips for blue eyes, you should consider using an eyelash curler for your lashes too. And after having your lashes curled you can put a black mascara on which should make them look thicker and longer. You will achieve the most seductive look matching you eye shadow with a long and curled black eyelashes and you are guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you go. If your eyelashes are poor you can always put some false lashes which can help you enhance your eyes. The blue eyes can get even more appealing if you use your black eyeliner or a classic double winged black liquid liner in order to create cat eye. The cat-eye makeup style is great in defining your blue eyes.

Lately, more women with blue eyes also like to adopt the eye makeup tips for blue eyes which involve creating a three dimensional effect of eyelids. You can also go for colors like yellow, green and blue for putting more of color and achieving great effects on your eyelid.