Fashion with ribbons and bows


From a quick look at the fall 2014 collections, you can see that the bow has yet again made a return in the fashion trends, although this should no longer come as a surprise considering the fact that ribbons and bows have never really left the fashion stage in living memory. Bows and ribbons as fashion accessories can be a bit tacky, if you do not choose the right moment, occasion and outfit to match them with, but the bow will always be that last solution when you have no time brooding over what to wear and the outfit you have is a bit too boring for the occasion. International designers have made a passion out of ribbons, so it is not surprising that women simply adore them. A beautiful bow can add cuteness and charm to any clothing piece and this is precisely why ribbons and bows are timeless in fashion. Women keep ribbon bundles at home for the sheer pleasure of making bows for every dress, blouse, shoes and handbags they own. The decorative fashion bow has the ability to transform an outfit, because in fashion the little details matter. A bow can have a great impact, so it is important to wear them with taste. A simple one color blouse can become attire that turns heads on the streets, if you attach a huge flower patterned bow on one of your shoulders. To save money, do this yourself and use a sewing machine instead of buying a new blouse. This way, you’ll have something unique that cannot be found in stores. For inspiration on which sewing machine is best for beginners, see

If you like to follow fashion trends, you will notice that bows and dresses that fall in ribbon bundles seem to come and go out of fashion. The reason why this is happening stems from the fascination women have with ribbons and everything cute and charming. You cannot dislike ribbons and bows, no matter your style and preferences. You will see rocker girl on the streets wearing a dark satin belt ribbon and you will see a woman in her forties wearing high heels with a small bow tie. The passion with ribbons and bows is so great that we involuntarily purchase fashion items that are either made of ribbons, spot a bow or two or imitate the form of a bow.


What is more, bows are a recurring current in fashion because of their versatility. Ribbons and bows come in different styles, colors, sizes and materials, so you can adopt a feminine chic air, a cute or a demure look by adding a different type of bow to your outfit. It can change your entire look depending on what you choose, so it is important to choose carefully. If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, it is not enough to pay attention to the fact that bows are trendy this fall, make sure you pay attention to what purpose they are used. This fall, the bows need to promote a naughty, slightly unkempt look, so the bow you wear has to look as if made in a hurry.