For the Love of Style: Fashion Tattoos


Tattoos are no longer a symbol for society’s outcasts, but they can be a stylish way to display the things that you hold dear in life. As fashion is one of the most important elements in the life of a woman, it is no wonder that some women decided to tattoo their bodies with some fashion related elements. We found the following fashion tattoos to be beyond adorable.

  • The coat hanger

This is by far the most popular of all fashion tattoos. As the coat hanger is the most symbolic item related to fashion, so it is no wonder that numerous models have been spotted wearing this tattoo. A funnier approach to this tattoo is a similar coat hanger with the following text inscribed upon it: ‘nothing to wear’.

  • Labels

The most popular label tattoos are the ones featuring the Coco Channel emblem. It is no secret that the fashion world is ran by labels. However, how far would women go in order to be dressed in labels. It seems that they would go as far as getting a tattoo of their favorite label. Generally this type of tattoos can look very tacky. However, we have to admit that the label tattoo presented in the picture above is in fact quite cute and stylish.

  • Mannequins

This particular tattoo is a little too big for our taste. However, we have to admit that it is very tasteful and well designed. We like the design of the fashion mannequin and the tattoo location was also quite inspired.

  • Lace designs

Lace tattoos come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If you are a big fan of lace, you can try an abstract lace design on your back or on your upper arm. You might also like lace tattoos located around the thigh, which look as a lace garland.

As you can see, the world of fashion has plenty of tattoo inspiration. From all the tattoos that we presented in this article, our favorite one was the fashion coat hanger because it is elegant and simple. We also came across some corset fashion tattoos, but they were too ostentatious. In our opinion, the body is not a canvas. It is one thing to get a few small tattoos, which symbolize things that matter to you, and it is a whole other deal to cover all your body in tattoos. No matter what choices you make in your life, keep in mind that your body is a temple and not a cheap canvas.