Hair loss after pregnancy

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For a woman becoming a mom is the best thing that could ever happen even if she has to suffer from hair loss after pregnancy. But, even if the hair is affected after giving birth to a child this process is only a temporary period of time and we can not compare it to a more severe hair condition like alopecia.

The cause which usually leads to this condition after pregnancy is attributed to the hormones. The levels of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy increase and this way a woman’s hair is protected from breakage and loss. The hormones are known to play a very important role in the hair growing process as well as in its loss. And usually men come to have more serious hair conditions than women after pregnancy as their hair loss ends up with baldness.

In the case of a woman who has just given birth to her baby the hair loss she has to face with will not lead to baldness because the level of hormones will get back to its normal state. But the difference between the increased level and the normal level of hormones will cause women a temporary period of time when they will experience more hair loss than normally. If you are facing this hair condition you should know there is nothing wrong with you and you can have some vitamin supplements and a trendy haircut which should help in your hair loss after pregnancy.

Usually, after giving birth to a child, your body also lacks the nutrients and vitamins it needs in order to provide a great volume and texture to your hair and it is a normal situation for your body to need some extra time to get back to its normal functioning. Your body puts all its resources in the growth of your baby and after giving birth it will have to recover its strength and resources. The best way for you to help your body is to have a diet which should contain green salads and vegetables. Drinking fruit juice at least once a day should also help a lot in increasing the amounts of vitamins to your blood and this way combating your hair loss.

Another thing which leads to hair loss after pregnancy is the stress women have to deal with once with having a new member in their families. And since their bodies are already lacking minerals and vitamins adding some extra stress to their condition will surely involve some extreme hair loss which should be treated with more hours of rest and appropriate caring for the hair.