Hair trends for 2016 – what experts say



Every woman loves to be up to date with the latest trends in fashion and hairstyle. This is the reason why many of them spend even hours on the Internet or watching TV fashion shows. Another good method to learn what the hot trends for hairstyling are is to ask your hairstyle artist the moment you make an appointment at a professional beauty salon such as for instance. Here is what experts have to say about the hot trends of 2016 when it comes to hairstyling.

The “glunge” hair

For those who are not familiar with the term, “glunge” comes from glam-grunge and it appears to be one of the hot trends of this year. The freshly washed “glunge” hair is based on having an undone texture of the hair, but still with a glamorous and beautiful aspect. It creates a beach-waves effect, as seen on the catwalks.

Embellished hair

Fashion experts claim that hair accessories are a must in 2016. Many stars from the Hollywood and not only have already appeared in public wearing beautiful hair accessories that embellished their hairstyle and made it look more glamorous and really chic, so if you want to catch everyone’s attention at a cocktail party for instance, wear some hair accessories.

Wide satin bands are also hot

Besides pearls and glamorous earrings that embellish the hairstyle, other hair accessories that Hollywood stars wear are those chic wide satin bands and headbands made out of ribbons that take you back in the 70s. Wearing wide satin bands help you have a simple, yet luxurious look. You can opt for the same “glunge” hairstyle as mentioned above.

Blow out hairstyle is back

For those who love this type of hairstyle, there is good news: those big bouncy blow-dries that confer your hair more volume are again hot in fashion. To create this type of look, all you have to do is to blow out your hair with the aid of a vented radial brush, which will help you give more volume to your hair. After the hair is dry, use a hairspray to spray your hands and get your fingers through your hair to give it an amazing and glamorous structure and volume.

Colour your hair in soft pop colours

Washed-out colours and even candyfloss tones are still in the top preferences as far as hairstyling is concerned. This trend is supposed to become even more popular in summer season, since more and more celebrities appear on the catwalk with soft pop colours.

Bleach blonde is also in trends

Besides the soft pop colours previously mentioned, some Hollywood celebrities have been seen wearing an all over bleach blonde colour, making this a popular trend too. It is important to mention that this trend has been seen not only in women, but also in men, so those who want to experiment something unique and like to have a fashionable look, should consider different shades of bleach blonde.

As you can see, these are some of the hottest trends in hairstyling this year. If you want a Hollywood look, make an appointment to a professional beauty salon right away.