Haircuts for Curly Hair


Finding the right haircut is difficult enough, but to have curly hair complicates things even more. Curly hair appears as a result of oval hair follicles rather than perfectly round hair follicles that other types of hair have. So what are the best haircuts for curly hair? Well, the most important aspects are to avoid cutting it too much on top and leave the bottom part too thin, or to cut it too much at the bottom and having it look like a triangle. Letting curly hair grow at the same length is also not advised because it will make the hair heavy and fall shapelessly down.

Curly hair is very difficult to cut and style and even some professional hair stylists have trouble getting the desired effects; this is why when looking for new haircuts for curly hair it is important to ask the help of a good hair stylist. You should also invest in products specially created for curly hair. They will ensure you have shiny and tame curls, without those rebellious hairs that we all hate. The products that you should definitely own when caring for curly hair are hair conditioner, because curly hair needs a lot of moisturizing and products that contain olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil in them, because these ingredients are ideal to hydrating the hair shaft. The best method is to apply the products while the hair is wet, so the curls will have a more defined look when it dries. If you’re into red hair color ideas and you always like to try various nuances of red, then you probably know how finicky this color is, and how pretentious. This means you have to lay back on the styling, because the repeated dyeing process also damages your hair, and constant washing just makes the color lose shine. However, there are plenty you can do with red hair color ideas as well, or you can just opt to style it more naturally, so there isn’t need for too much hair product.

There are many types of curly hair, so there are even more haircuts for curly hair to choose from. For example, if your hair is not too curly, with just loose curls, a layered haircut is ideal for you, because it will help define your curls and confer volume to your hair. You can simply maintain this haircut with some styling mousse or gel. If your hair is thick and wavy, opt for a long haircut with minimal layers, which will tame your locks and prevent your hair from being too heavy at the edges.

Now, for haircuts for curly hair with very tight curls; first off, layers are indicated here, otherwise your head will look like a heavy trapeze. Opt for a shoulder-length pageboy – which is a derivation of the bob hairstyle – with layers; this will confer definition to your curls and make them easy to maintain. Follow these tips and you’ll no longer be infuriated with your stubborn hair.