Holiday Makeup Looks

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Going on holiday is something most of us dream of for the better part of a year, so when it’s finally here we want to enjoy it as much as possible. For the ladies, holidays, whether in the summer or winter, are a time to show off the best outfits, style their hair and adopt more exciting makeup.  So what are some holiday makeup looks you can try next time you’re going on holiday? Basically, almost anything goes, and you can take it up a few notches from what you usually do.

Furthermore this is also a great opportunity to try on a new hair color idea. You can use non permanent die in order to try out an eccentric color that will fade away by the time you get back to work. Lets see what you can do in order to enjoy the holidays in a stylish manner.

Before going on a trip you should first take care of your hair as you don’t want to deal with this on your holiday. If you always dreamed of pink or purple highlights now is the time to go crazy. However, don’t forget to use non-permanent hair die, especially if you have to come back to an office job. If you are planning on a summer trip you might want to consider a warm, sun kissed hair color ideas such as an ombre mixture between cafe au lait and blonde ends. On the other hand if you plan a sky trip a shinny brunette is a great hair color idea as it will make you stand out in the white landscape. Once you choose the perfect color for your hair is time to go crazy with the make up.

Holiday Makeup Looks

Make yourself feel good and special, treat yourself with more care than normally. Here’s a simple example of how you can transform your ordinary day-to-day makeup into real holiday makeup looks: add metallic shadows like sliver or gold on the inner corners of the eyes to make them look bigger and shinier. But since holidays can also be about excess, you can apply heavier makeup for special occasions and parties.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors and experiment; use eye shadows and powder with shimmer to give yourself glowing holiday makeup looks. You can achieve a spectacular eye makeup by combining two or more eye shadows, like purple and champagne for a smoky look, or green and golden for intense eyes. Nevertheless, these makeup ideas are best suited for evening, which means you can also add false lashes for a more dramatic effect. You can even opt for a powerful lipstick color, like red or plum.

However, just because it is holiday and you have more time on your hands it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get that perfect look. Opt for something more natural, something that makes you feel beautiful yet carefree. More natural holiday makeup looks can be better suited for a day spent outdoors, or a day with lots of activity planned. Whether it is winter or summer, you need to protect your skin from the elements, so your makeup should reflect that.

Use protective foundation and moisturizers to protect the skin from the sun’s rays and don’t overdo it with mascara and eye shadow if you want to avoid runny makeup. If it is summer time, give up on the foundation and apply a coloring moisturizer with UV protection, and use just a little eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. This will prevent the skin from becoming oily and will allow the skin to breathe. If, on the other hand, it’s winter, you can use some foundation that will protect the skin from wind and other damaging elements.