How to Apply Makeup

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It is important to know how to apply makeup if we want to look good; well-applied makeup can get you that job you’ve been wanting, a date with that cute guy across the street or just make you feel better about yourself. So if you want to know how to apply makeup for better results and to correct certain imperfection, this is what you must do: first of all, find out what type of skin you have, so you know what type of makeup products you can use. The skin types can be normal, mixed, dry or oily; if your skin type is oily, then you have to avoid oil-based makeup and opt for water-based makeup, and if you have dry skin, the exact opposite.

How to Apply Makeup

Now that you’ve purchased your makeup items, prepare your face. Wash your face with special soaps and toners and use moisturizer, or get a facial in a beauty salon. Use a light moisturizer no matter what skin type you have, but avoid the eyes area. Before applying foundation, it is vital you apply a primer. This will protect your skin against the layers of makeup and will serve as a base for it, preventing it from getting runny or smudgy. Now you can apply a foundation that suits your skin tone; anything lighter or darker will make you look unnatural and ridiculous. Always apply foundation with a brush or sponge and not your fingers, if you want to avoid uncouth lines and bacteria from your hands transferring into the skin pores.

When learning how to apply makeup, it is also important to own a concealer. After you’ve applied the foundation, use the concealer under your eyes and on any other blemishes, pimples or imperfections you may have on the face. Make sure it is well blended into the face and you can also apply it around the nostrils if there’s redness. Now apply some powder from the same color tone, using a special brush. Apply in light and gentle strokes all over the face, and then use a blush if you want a more complete look. Smile and with a brush apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks.

For the next part on how to apply makeup, highlight the upper part of your eyelid with a light eye shadow, and then apply dark eyeliner on the upper line of your eyes, making it a bit thicker on the outer corner; you can also apply a thinner line on the lower line of the eyes. Now apply the eye shadow you’ve chosen, blending well into the lid. Complete the line of your brows with special eyeliner and apply one or two layers of mascara. As for the lips, apply a primer, or a bit of foundation to make the lipstick last longer.