How to properly take care of your glasses


When it comes to taking care of glasses everyone knows it requires attention and that it is a little bit time consuming. To avoid that, glasses owners should know there are some specific tips that they should follow in order to forget about worrying that their precious vision items will get damaged. Who doesn’t know how much of a difference a simple Italian leather glasses case can make? A small investment for the sake of avoiding additional costs regarding your glasses is basically essential. Just make sure you invest in qualitative items, not the ones you find at random stores that guarantee things they can never offer. Here’s what to take into account when buying glasses accessories:


First, you will have to make sure the material of the case you are owning or going to buy, along with the material of the cloth you are wiping your glasses with is suitable for the type of lens they have. You should definitely avoid paper towels, tissues of all kinds, napkins or any other kind of textured material; no matter how soft do you think it actually is. Textured materials will leave behind scratches that you won’t be able to correct anymore, meaning that you will have to change your lens regularly.  


Buying the right spray for wiping your lens may reduce the aspect of stains or fine scratches. Look for specific sprays made for cleaning eyeglasses rather than general ones who are compatible with wiping other surfaces. Household cleaners should be avoided at all costs, because they can affect the health of your eyes due to their toxicity. Plus, the contents of cleaners you find around your house may actually erase some protective properties off your lens.

Air drying

After spraying your glasses with specific solutions, don’t try wiping them dry, but instead leave them dry in the air. This way you will be protecting the lens from any other kind of damage and it will keep dust away. If you will be using a cloth for doing this, you will see lint all around their surface and this is the most unwanted thing you can think of. Try always placing your glasses in a safe place, lens facing upwards in order to avoid scratches due to the contact with surfaces and always grip the frames firmly before proceeding to clean them.