Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2014


When it comes to fashion, it is quite difficult keeping up with everything that happens around you, because designers work all the time, change their styles and ideas permanently and just when you thought that you managed to be updated with the latest trends, there comes something new on the fashion stage. It is quite a smart choice, though, to make some time and take a look over the latest fashion shows without any intention of being updated, but only to stay connected to what is going on around you from one season to another.

As many designers already know it, it is high time that they introduce their spring-summer recommendations and so did Marc Jacobs. In case you had no time to catch up with Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2014, we have thought of some ideas that deserve being spoken about on behalf of this event. What is interesting about this event, though, it that it served as the perfect moment for the announcement of two new talented people working for Marc Jacobs, which are Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier.

This show was dominated by the 1960s, with all the Op Art prints and clothes made of silk and it seemed to be a great choice, because people loved it! While silk is lovely, keep in mind that it is difficult to care for it. Ironing it can be a nightmare, so if you want to keep in touch with the latest fashion trends, we advise you to invest in a good garment steamer. You can find some great clothes steamers on With the help of a steamer, you no longer have to worry about taking care of silk and you can buy any Marc Jacobs silk garment.

Pajama suits were also included within the Marc Jacobs presentation, not to mention the satin clothes and the famous neckerchiefs that were made into knots. Actually all these elements reminded somehow of the 1990 rather than the 1960s. So it is evident that scarves and neckerchiefs are going to continue being popular in a variety of forms, which means you could renew your entire wardrobe by simply purchasing some of the best wholesale scarves. A scarf can completely transform an outfit, it can take you out of anonymity and it will make old outfits look perfectly new and fresh; thus, investing in some of the best wholesale scarves will not only be a cheap way to renew your wardrobe, but it will challenge you to get creative with your looks.
It was funny following all these creations, but some of them were rather failures of the designers. For example, the jumpsuits and the dresses work by skaters were not precisely what people were expecting to see, but as long as they were part of a fashion show, everything was accepted.

Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2014 also came up with some interesting slips and T-shirts with long sleeves that remind you of teenagers. Nevertheless, the show received a positive feedback, so as long as it was appreciated by critics, there is no room for any bad points. It is us who reserved the time to make some observation related to one of the biggest designers in the world, which is Marc Jacobs, but who are we to judge?

To sum up, Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2014 was a real success and once again brought into light the famous 1960s and 1990s that most of the people still love and this was the most significant achievement of this fashion event!