Marriage proposal mistakes you should avoid


Have you been thinking lately that you want to spend the rest of your life with your current partner? Is she “the one” for you? Then the next step to take is proposing. If you want her to be just as excited as you are, and say yes to your marriage proposal, then you will need to avoid certain mistakes that many men out there tend to do. From choosing the best option among the wide range of diamond engagement rings London found on the market, to proposing in the right place, at the right time, you will need to think some things though, if you want her reaction to be the one you expect. Here are the top marriage proposal mistakes to avoid:

Proposing with no ring

There could not be a marriage proposal without a ring – or at least that is what almost any woman out there believes. Do not make the big mistake of proposing without a ring, because even if she will say yes, she will certainly be a bit disappointed. If you do not know what ring to choose, resort to a specialist who can help you buy an authentic diamond, suitable for your taste and budget. Don’t make an informed purchase, because when it comes to diamonds, you can easily get scammed.

Don’t rush – wait for the right moment

If you have been dating only for a few months, then perhaps it is not the right time for a marriage proposal. Make sure she seems just as involved in the relationship as you are, to avoid hearing a heartbreaking “no” to your proposal. Even if you might be eager to spend the rest of your life with her, you need to go through some relationship challenges and experiences before the moment is right. Also, if you are truly determined, you should take the time, and wait for the right moment. Keep in mind that she will be telling everybody about the proposal, so you should make sure you have chosen the right time and place.

Avoid proposing in front of an audience

Even if you might want to express your love in front of the world, avoid proposing in front of an audience, because your partner might not feel comfortable in this situation. Keep the event only between the two of you, and your girlfriend will certainly enjoy the romantic, intimate atmosphere.

Telling everybody about your plan

Yes, you might be extremely excited, and you can’t wait to tell all your friends about the big proposal, but telling everybody about your plan could be a big mistake. You never know when somebody will accidentally spill the bins, and ruin the entire surprise for you. Also, your partner will certainly want to tell them herself about the beautiful proposal, so try to keep the entire plan a secret, to avoid any unpleasantness.

If you want the answer to your proposal to be positive, then make sure to avoid these few mistakes. Because the engagement ring plays such an important role, get educated on diamonds, before buying one. Take a course or resort to a specialist who can help you select the right diamond for your partner.