Mulberry Spring-Summer 2014


Mulberry Spring-Summer 2014 is one of the most important fashion events that occurred recently and brought into light the famous style known as “Le Style Anglais”, filled with luxury and glamour. Get ready to meet the new concept that is focused both on the idea of town and country. You can remember of the most significant London times combined with the big houses and gardens that used to exist in this city once.

This new yet impressive collection is designed particularly for people living in England and being used to their manner of thinking, living and dressing. This is why the call for history has been a smart ingredient that encouraged people to love the latest creations, since it brings beautiful memories to the ones that are going to wear them. On the other hand, it can simply make them feel comfortable as they use them and there is no doubt that there is a feeling of pride as well.

What is interesting about this collection is that it combines both modern items and familiar elements and does not avoid the classic tones and textures. Regarding the colors, Mulberry Spring-Summer 2014 came up with a mixture of Cream and Summer Blue, surrounded by Ballet Pink and even combined with “Fab Floral” print.

As this year pale colors were the attraction of fashion addicts worldwide, the idea of bringing them back within this spring-summer collection proved to be a smart step as well, because this is how one can know in advance the preferences of its future customers and followers, without coming up with some awful creations.

As this Mulberry Spring-Summer 2014 event received all the applause and good marks, it is more than obvious that part of its success should be shared with the influence of history over these present creations. Thanks to the fact that English people appreciate their past periods of time and are still looking forward to remembering them while walking on the street, fashion won once again the fight against past. With other words, what something seemed to be forgotten and left behind happened to serve as a source of inspiration for a new event that not only gathered so many people, but it made them remember how proud they are of their origins!

Nevertheless, it is essential to recognize Mulberry’s merits for bringing in once again the concept of “Le style Anglais” and having successfully integrated it within its creations!