Myths about laser hair removal procedures

Category:Skin Care

According to beauty experts, IPL is a more and more popular method, not only in Australia, but also worldwide, due to its variety of benefits. But there are also some popular myths when it comes to such services and we would like to make things clear. Here there are some of the most common of them.


IPL procedure hurts a lot


This is not true. In fact, in order to offer you some correct information, you should know that everything depends of on people’s skin. For example, the main criterion is the concentration of melanin. Also, very important are the size and density of people’s hair. And if you are looking for a recommendation, you should try best laser hair removal Brisbane and you will not regret it.

IPL hair removal is not always efficient


This is just a myth. This hair removal procedure really works, thanks to the pulse of intense lamp light which penetrates the skin and destroys the hair follicles. But, according to experts, it does not mean that you get rid of hair once for all. It grows back, but it is thinner. And after you repeat the procedure more times, you can rid of hair forever. Of course, there are some exceptions of this rule, especially for those who suffer from hormonal disorders.

The procedure of laser hair removal cannot be used for all body areas


It is definitely a myth. You can use laser hair removal for all parts of your body. Also, there is another thing that you have to take into consideration. The darker the hair, the better the result will prove. This happens because darker hair contains a larger quantity of melanin. But it does not mean that if you have blonde hair, you cannot use IPL. The same thing happens in the case of grey, white or red hair. Moreover, you should know that there are people who use IPL even for their face. Moustache is usually a problem.

Laser hair removal is only for girls and women


This is not true, especially since we live in times when men and women should be treated as equals. According to studies, the hair on the chest is not cool even when it comes to men and the best solution of getting rid of it is by using IPL. What is more, also studies show that there are more and more men who are interested in using laser hair removal, especially because other methods such as vexing can be very painful.

You need a lot of sessions for getting rid of hair


This is not true. In fact, you need between 4 to 10 sessions, depending on the type of hair that you own. And they are recommended every 4-10 weeks. But, you do not have to worry because in time your hair will grow slower and slower. And do not forget about maintenance. You need to take at least 1-2 maintenance sessions per year, in order to make sure that you are able to forget about hair.