No Makeup Look

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Whether you’re preparing for a day outdoors or you just have a busy day and don’t want to have runny makeup by the end of it, opting for a no makeup look is just what you need. The no makeup look is all about enhancing your natural beauty and features without letting it show that you’re wearing any makeup.  The first step to achieving this look is to prepare your skin.

The whole idea of the no makeup look is to appear naturally beautiful, so how can you do that with dry, oily, blemished or pimply skin? Get a facial in a beauty salon or do your own treatments at home. Skin care forums are a great inspiration for natural skin care recipes. Natural face masks made from fruit and cereal are an easy and cheap option for skin care, so you should try and use them at least once a week. As for daily care, use special face soaps and toners in the morning and when you go to bed, because they also help Apply a bit of moisturizer every time, even if your skin is oily, because all those soaps eliminate natural fats the body secretes to naturally moisturize the skin. Depleting the skin of natural oils and not applying any moisturizer will provoke the body to produce even more sebum, leading to skin blemishes, pimples and even acne in severe cases. If you are having such problems we advise you to treat them as soon as possible. If the problems are minor, you can research skin care forums in search of natural remedies but if you have serious skin issues, you need to visit a dermatologist before the damage is irreversible.

The next step for a no makeup look is to apply foundation to level your skin color; you can also opt for a tinted moisturizer if foundation is too oily for you, or you can purchase water-based makeup. Either way, apply the foundation using a brush or sponge and not your hands, to achieve a more finished look and avoid getting any bacteria on the skin. You can also use some concealer to mask any imperfections or to bring some light under your eyes if you suffer from dark circles. Make sure the concealer is the same shade as your skin and foundation, otherwise there will be spots on your face and the whole look will be ruined.

You can also use some powder if you want the foundation to set better or you have oilier skin that you need to matte out. Apply some blush too, if you like, but make sure you opt for natural colors like pink and peach and apply discreetly. As for your eyes, use natural, earth-toned colors like light browns which you can highlight with champagne or golden shadows. You should avoid eyeliners, but if you need more enhancement for your eyes opt for charcoal or brown and apply thin lines. Mascara should also be applied lightly, in black or brown colors. For the lips, choose a color that resembles your natural one, but in a shade darker and apply gently, blending well into the lips. The hair is also an important part of the no makeup look. Some great hair color ideas include pastel shades, strawberry blonde and natural brown. The hairstyle should look natural also, so try to avoid adding styling products. Instead you can come up with some natural hair color ideas and wear braids Now your no makeup look is ready and you can go enjoy the rest of your day!