Products From These Brands Are For The Happy Few Only



Is not easy to be a fashion enthusiast. You need to always read about each luxurious brand and what kind of products they are going to launch soon. Being a fan of luxury and exclusivism will automatically make you want to learn as much as possible about the respective brands. The good part is you have plenty of time to do so and there are many articles out there which can summarize the highlights of the fashion world in just a few words. This article is one of them and will contribute to your general knowledge about fashion history. Here are some details about the most exclusivist brands out there:


Are you a fan of watches? Then Chopard should be one of the top options when you want to reach the definition of luxury. There are just a few businesses that entirely rely on effort, dedication and fashion experience, but once you find one, all of your expectations will be met. Chopard is a company that managed to maintain the quality of their products throughout time and gained more and more popularity because of its rigor and constant creativity. Chopard is one luxury brand that offers delight and elegance to all of its customers.


Comparable to Chopard, Rolex still impresses people. Visiting a Rolex store will send you away from this world. Rolex is for sure one of the most recognizable brands in the world in terms of luxury. The company never publishes sales results but the estimate sales reach around one million watched sold during a single year. Rolex was the one building its reputation through the in-detail construction of their watches, as well as their innovation in this field. Rolex is the first company that launched a waterproof watch.

Florian Helier

Considering that you are looking for an exclusive brand, Florian Helier is an option you surely don’t want to miss. If Rolex and Chopard are impressing people by high-fashion materials, Florian Helier brings to light day-by-day luxurious, exclusive products you can’t miss. Combining fashion with utility, simplicity and top-quality materials seems impossible, but this brand managed to do it all. A simple look at their products will surely convince you of its worth.


For nearly 200 years, Hermes was considered the one symbol for luxury. What many people don’t know is that Hermes launched through harnesses, rope and cobblestones, exclusively for aristocracy. No wonder their products are so expensive and today. Their range of products starts with leather items, famous scarves, ties, footwear and continues with perfumes, watches, decorative items and even jewelry.


Cartier has around 160 years of fashion history behind and the necessary experience to call itself a luxurious brand. Cartier was the first company ever that used platinum in their exclusivist jewelry design, which is an innovative step in the world of exclusivism. Avant-garde is their main characteristic and any fashion and luxury lover should know about its existence.