Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014


Whether you are a fan of Ralph Lauren or not, taking a look over its latest fashion show known as Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014 is not a waste of time, but a smart investment for your fashion knowledge.

It appears that Ralph Lauren used Russia as a source of inspiration for one of his latest collections and this is why he added velvet and other romantic elements to his creations back then. Well, things went differently this time, when Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014 came up with some changes in his style. Even the opening song was a special one sang by the famous John Lennon, the collection that was introduced to the public was rather inspired from the London style.

This collection was somehow divided into several pieces that managed to delineate one from another as there was a switch of colors and of styles. The show started with the graphic creations, including black and white elements and some school uniforms brought into the light by some monochromatic elements. These made them look very unusual and out of context, but people really appreciated the moment!

There were also creations that included some floral coats and jackets made of pinstripe peplum as must-haves of the next year and even suits were not forgotten within this presentation. As far as they were concerned, there were presented suits made out of three pieces and their grid model match perfectly the tie that was added to them.

The next elements that were introduced were some creations that brought into light the neon tones and it offered a lot of energy to the dresses worn by models. There were also some bags with the same color or at least close to it and some leather shoes with small heels. If you wish to emulate the new style proposed by Ralph Lauren, you can search for women fashion online and find pieces of clothing which resemble the designer’s new line. Women who take their fashion seriously but want to avoid spending too much money on designer clothing can use their detective skills to find similar items from less elitist brands, or even from no-name stores. Fashion is always made up from elements which have been present before, and sometimes a thrift store can present you with the most interesting vintage clothes. So search for women fashion online and see what options you have when it comes to finding British-inspired clothing and accessories.

Exotic skins were once again among the key elements of Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2014 and the luxurious concept did not miss from this fashion event. It is why once again Ralph Lauren managed to do his best and get the respect and appreciation of fashion addicts worldwide. It appears that the future collection will be even more successful than the latest ones. Even though it has a touch of the London style, people will still find it suitable for them, no matter their culture or origins. As there is still some time left until the new creations are going to be brought in front of the public in 2014, one can only appreciate the great show and look forward to new ones!