Salon scheduler software – the experts’ recommendation


In the world of a hair stylist, there are many things that are of great importance, having the right skills and the necessary experience to do the most innovative haircuts or always be up to date with the latest trends in hair colors. Organizing appointments and managing stock levels never seemed like a required ability for a hair stylist, but recently more and more of them have started to open their own salons, making the change from being just stylists to also being managers. To that extent, more experienced salon managers recommend to hair stylists that they invest in salon scheduler software, a highly useful and valuable tool for any individual who wants to handle the ins and outs of a salon effectively. There are several types of these applications available and the experts recommend a thorough research in order for each stylist to find and invest in the software most suitable to his or her needs.

Salon scheduling software - the most user friendly app

One of the first reasons for which experienced stylists recommend the use of salon scheduler software is not necessarily the fact that it helps with managing appointments and maximizing work time, as it is often thought. Plenty of hair stylists are more than able to manage their bookings effectively and don’t need an online app for that. However, the salon application helps them manage their clients in a more effective and better manner, thus allowing them to provide a more personalized service. Custom services and personal attention are what every client expects and desires from a hair stylist and through the use of the software, stylists are now able to offer that. The managing clients feature of the program gives the stylist a thorough history of the client, when his or her last appointment was, what services were provided, what was done before that, so that the client can feel like the stylist is taking an interest in them. This is what most of the people look for in a hair stylist, apart of course from the skills to make them look great, as it is important to them to feel important for the one doing their hair.


Last, but not least, when a stylist is just starting out as a salon manager, he or she runs the risk of having a lot more no shows than expected, due to the fact that they don’t yet have an established name. Salon scheduler software helps with this issue as well, as it provides stylists with the most useful tool, an email confirmation and reminder service. Clients who have booked an appointment at the salon receive an email confirmation and then a reminder of their booking, which they have to confirm, thus letting the stylist know if they are going to show up or not. By reducing the number of no shows, stylists can better manage time and maximize productivity.