Stylish ideas on how to wear ankle boots this spring



The majority of people need some time to get on board with ankle boots, because the majority of them have the impression that this type of shoes will make them look chunky. The misconception is that ankle boots cut off their legs and they make women’s ankles look wide. But at a certain point you will not be able to resist the temptation of purchasing one pair of ankle boots at Spartoo, because when you see all the bloggers creating fabulous look by pairing ankle boots to different pants and skirts, you simply want to look as good as they do. If it were for women to choose one look for the rest of their life, they will definitely choose jeans and boots. You might not be sure how to wear this pair of boots, but here are some stylish ideas that will help you create amazing outfits.

You should roll the cuff of the jeans above the boots

You should change that habit of yours of wearing skinny jeans tucked in the shoes every time you wear boots, because you should try to achieve a relaxed and fancy look. You should opt for a pair of boyfriend or straight leg jeans, because they look better with ankle boots. This match is amazing when you choose a pair of high-heeled shoes, because it adds height to the baggy cut of the pants. You only have to fold the hem of the jeans about two inches, and fold them to the desired length. It is advisable to cuff the jeans before you put them on, because it is easier to simply adjust them afterwards.

Rip the hem of the jeans

As you can see every look is about jeans and ankle boots, but this time you have other option, when it comes to pairing them. You should take out from the closet the pair of jeans you want to wear with your boots and crop them with a pair of scissors to the length that will allow you to show your boots. It is advisable to use a pencil and tape measure to make sure you mark the spot where you want to cut the pants. You should not worry about hemming them, because this year is all about distressed finishes when it comes to jeans. This trick is great for whatever pair of tired boyfriend or skinny jeans that need a fresh attitude.

Monochromatic outfit rules

If you want to create the impression of longer legs then you should opt for a pair of ankle boots in the same colour of your jeans. In this way, you will have no difficulties in making your legs look longer and leaner. The look will totally impress if you opt for a pair of high-heeled boots.

Choose a pair of pants with zipper cuff

Do you have in your closet a pair of jeans with a zipper hem? Well, then you should get rid of the habit of zipping them up, you should open the zipper and leave the pants untucked and open, over your ankle boots.