Use ribbons for different purposes


Sales season is near, and you might want to consider buying some basic pieces in order to upgrade them at your own will. White plain tees, jeans, blouses, even sneakers and ballet pumps can be brought to life with a little imagination and a small dose of skill. Moreover, if it is sales season, that means that ribbon for sale is available. They come in different sizes, colours, patterns, textures it will be hard to decide just on one.

1. Ribbons for shoelaces

Shoelaces have a purpose, we know. However, they are impersonal and boring with no exception. This is why you should consider replacing them with ribbons. Pick the desired pattern, width, colour and play with the variables available on the market until you are pleased with the result.  Have a few friends over and make out of this activity a social one. Alternatively, get your children involved in it to keep them busy and quiet. Win-win situation? We say yes!

2. Upgrade your plain tees and shirts with ribbons

Plain tees are a great base for all sorts of DIY ideas. Adding some personality to your wardrobe with minimum expenses is quite easy with a bit of creativity. For this idea, you are going to need a white plain tee, ribbons and a hot glue gun. Tie your ribbons in bows of different shapes and sizes. Carefully, with the hot glue gun, stick them in a place at your desire, on the shoulder, for example. There is no exact number of ribbons you can use. This is your choice. If you own a plain white shirt, you could opt for a long black ribbon in order to tie it at the base of your neck. This way you will achieve a classy look instantly. Cut the ends in a “V” shape for more class. The contrast of your two elements will look great, adding that Brigitte Bardot kick to your outfit.

3. Floral hairbands with ribbons

Who does not love a perfect, floral hairband? We could not think of anybody. If you already own that perfect hair accessory but worn it so many times you got a little bit bored, we have a solution. Take some ribbons, different sizes, shapes patterns and textures and play with them. Tie, wrap and twist them in your floral headband until you are pleased with the result. If you want to change the appearance of it totally, go overboard. The good part is that this technique is not permanent and you can play with it whenever you feel bored. Good luck!

We presented you a series of idea to make your appearance more interesting and cute. From here, the possibilities are endless. You could do yourself some research on this topic and find out how you could use the simple ribbons for different purposes. You can experiment besides fashion. For example, you could use ribbons for home decorating purposes, DIY jewellery and even toys. Experiment and find your own style.