Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Generally, short hair has very few styling possibilities and long hair is very hard to care for. As a result, most women prefer medium hair, which can easily be styled in any way and it is also relatively easy to care for. Since this hair length is so popular, it definitely deserves some special attention. In this article, we have gathered some wedding hairstyles for medium hair. These hairstyles highlight the main advantage of this hairstyle, which is framing the face, thus hiding flaws and highlighting the nice features.

  • Extra curly

This hairstyle can be worn by most women, except for the women who have round faces. Curls have a way of softening the face features so this hairstyle is ideal for women with square features. It is also great for women with long faces as it adds volume to the sides thus making the face appear rounder. Furthermore, this hairstyle is very easy to make. All you have to do is create some thin curls, twist the bangs and fix them at the top of the head. Make sure to use plenty of hairstyle in order for the curls to maintain their shape all day long, even if you plan on dancing a lot.

  • Wavy curls

If you are not a fan of sophisticated wedding hairstyles for medium hair, we advise you to choose a more casual hairstyle. The hairstyle presented in the picture above is perfect for a low key wedding and it goes great with simple wedding dresses. If you like these wavy curls, but you think that they are too simple for a wedding, you can enhance this hairstyle with a sophisticated hair accessory.

  • Glam finger waves

The retro style is great for weddings since it highlights the delicate nature of women. The hairstyle worn by Tyra Banks in this last picture is one of the most sophisticated wedding hairstyles for medium hair. It features some very well defined finger waves. This hairstyle is very glamorous, but also very easy to create. All you need is hair spray and hairpins. When styling the hair is should be 205 wet in order for the finger waves to look natural. Simply take a strand of hair and curve it at the root. Fix it with a hairpin and then bend the next section of the hair strand in the opposite direction. Do this until your winger wave reaches the desired length. When you are done, you can let the hair dry naturally or you can use a hair dryer. When the hair is dry, remove the hair pins, comb the hair and fix it with plenty of hair spray.