Wedding Makeup Tips

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A bride is the center of attention at a wedding – even though the groom has an important role as well – so she has to look her best. Dress, shoes and hairstyle are all essential, but makeup is very important too; not only does the makeup have to be flawless and glowing, but it has to be resistant as well, otherwise the bride will look disastrous by the end of an agitated day. We’ll give you a few wedding makeup tips to help you have a beautiful and stress-free day.

Wedding Makeup Tips

First of all, you want your skin to be flawless, so visit a beauty salon a few days before the event and get a facial; if you also want fake tan, make sure you apply it at least two days in advance so the color has time to set and adopt a more natural look. Whether you’re getting a professional makeup artist to help out or you’re doing your makeup yourself, make sure you know exactly what you want for your wedding day. You can even practice and experiment with ideas and colors before the big day to see what you can come up with.

One of the most important wedding makeup tips is that you can exaggerate with the makeup a bit, otherwise your features will look washed up in photos and videos. But this doesn’t mean you have to load your face with makeup, you can even opt for a natural look, just enhancing some of your features. Other wedding makeup tips are that you should use water-based makeup and water-proof mascara if you want your makeup to last all day and still look fresh.

Using oil-based makeup products can have disastrous effects on your face considering how agitated your day will be; you’ll dance, walk among the guests, run to solve problems and so on, so you need to avoid a greasy face at all costs. Use a primer before applying foundation and finish off with a bit of powder to help it set well. If your wedding is in summertime, you can give up on the foundation and just use a tinted moisturizer. Water-proof mascara will be a godsend in those more emotional moments when you might cry, and so will a water-proof lipstick.

Important wedding makeup tips are also the facts that you should get your brows plucked at least a day before the wedding to avoid redness or swelling and that you can apply concealer to problem areas like blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. Nevertheless, you should make sure to rest well that week, especially the night before, and to avoid stress, which can cause the apparition of pimples or other imperfections.