Wedding trends you should know about


The year of 2018 if full of new trends when it comes to weddings, and if you have your wedding planned this year, then you should definitely get accustomed to the most notorious ones. Fashion is an ever-developing industry and it shifts and changes from each year. So, if you want to be the prettiest bride of the year, keep reading below and discover those trends you should look into when planning your big event.

Undone bouquets are here to boost your big event’s romance

While compact bequests were highly popular in the past years, this year search for undone bouquets, with a variety of colours, some of those predominantly green that are here to boost your wedding’s romance. Cascade ones are also so last year. Educate yourself in terms of bouquet arrangements and search the internet for some of the best ideas. Also, once you choose your wedding gown, you should check with your florist to adapt the idea which you like to your dress, maybe add a personalised wedding ribbon. This will bring these two elements together and will make you look stunning.

Formal invitations will be on a rise

While formal invitations were thought to be long gone, they make a surprising comeback this year, with romantic yet colourful designs and patterns. While back in the day formal wedding invitations were generally crisp white, written in cursive, this year couples should aim to express their personalities more. Watercolour patterns, geometrical ones, these all work if they are representative of the couple’s personality and design preferences.

Buttercream cakes over fondant

While fondant won everybody’s hearts in terms of wedding cake décor, the historical filling known as buttercream is back to the delight of the most traditional of us. The colours and designs that can be created by using it are mesmerizing, simply take a look a hydrangea cake designs and see for yourself. While fondant is indeed more resilient when it comes to temperature changes, not everybody is a big fan of the taste. This is why you may want to switch it for buttercream and enjoy a tasty cake at your wedding as well.

These are three big wedding trends to follow this year. Make sure to discuss your options with your wedding planner as they might have some amazing ideas that may help you get that perfect wedding of your dreams. Also, be bold and try whatever idea you have. It’s your wedding, after all!