What causes acne

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If you are unhappy about the acne on your face you should read some interesting facts about what causes acne in order to find the best remedy in your acne curing.

What causes acne

If you are a teenager you should not worry too much as in your case the acne is just a period of time which will temporary affect you. For the teenagers the pimples are usually the result of some modifications in the hormonal system and they shouldn’t get too affected by this process as the pimples will disappear naturally from their skin. Only in some cases when the acne persists on their faces and leads to a more severe skin condition something must be done about it. Usually a doctor is the most indicated to help a person with such problem because a specialist is the only one who knows what causes acne and can provide medical prescriptions to a person having severe acne in order to eliminate it.

There are different cases when the acne can be left as heritage from parents or grandparents. For the inherited acne the solution given by different natural or home remedies can work only temporally. Luckily, even if the genes contribute in making pimples coming back no matter the remedies we use at home, the innovations in medicine have given us the laser treatment which can turn the acne just into a bad dream.

But no matter if you are a teenager with temporary acne or a person having the acne inherited from parents, the most important thing to do about this skin condition is to avoid squeezing the pimples on your face or scratching them. You should know that pimples can be removed without having to squeeze them or pop them because if you choose this way of getting rid of pimples they will leave scars on your skin that are more difficult to remove from your face skin. Also try to avoid putting your hands on your face too often when having one or two pimples as the hands can have different bacteria on them and this way you can find yourself in the situation of having the entire face full of pimples. Next time when you wonder what causes acne you might consider remembering how often you put your hands on your face and get your answer. Many specialists attribute acne to an oily skin as well. Usually the skin pores should be open and clean. If you have on oily skin you will get your skin pores blocked and they will favor the pimples coming out. In this case you should use appropriate face care products involving different face creams and soaps which can leave your face clean and clear.