What would you wear on a night out to a casino?


Are you one of those women for whom the phrase smart casual fills with dread? In fact if you bother to check out the stated dress code for casinos than you will find that by far the largest majority of them state their dress code as being smart casual.

What they actually mean by this is somewhat more obscure. Some of them provide useful images on their websites showing people playing games at the casino, and these can provide a good reference point. Dress like them and you are likely to at least blend in with the crowd even if it is a little boring.


While some people seem to have a naturally good dress sense, many people don’t and struggle when deciding what to wear. Rather than dressing in a way that enhances their personality, they tend to simply follow fashion and copy what celebrities of the moment are wearing even if it is entirely unsuitable. That isn’t intrinsically bad, but then neither is it making the best of oneself. It is important to feel comfortable with what you are wearing, and that means that you should dress in a style that is not only appropriate to the occasion but also appropriate to you and how wish to express who your really are.

This is even more important in a casino than it is in many other environments. If you feel comfortable and you are confident that you are looking good, then you will feel more confident which will help you when it comes to playing casino games.

There are some things that you must avoid. For instance although you can get away with jeans, make sure that they are clean and smart. However fashionable rippled jeans might be at the moment, they are entirely inappropriate wear for a casino. The same goes for t-shirts and tops with logos, flip flops and sportswear.