Why Red Dresses Are Back In Fashion


Tick-tock goes the clock. It’s half past six on a Saturday night and here I am staring at my wardrobe. Despite my best efforts to stock up on colourful clothes, all I seem to have to choose from is humdrum pink and drab orange or grey. Why does this always seem to happen? I play it safe and choose neutral colours, which I then never actually want to wear! The net result is a wardrobe full of redundant dresses.

A year ago, if you’d asked me to wear a red dress on a night out, I would have giggled. Red dresses, in my mind, belong to the Spandex, bangled world of the ‘80s, where life was not complete without big hair, a puff ball skirt and large gold earrings. Think Kylie Minogue, think Madonna, that Wham! That was my overall impression of this particular genre of dress, at least until very recently.

With the emphasis on all things glamourous, outrageous and tight-fitting that we have seen on the catwalks, it’s safe to say that the red dress is back with a bang this season.

Why red? I hear you ask. Let’s think about it. What do we associate the colour red with? Love, for starters, as it is the colour of Valentine’s Day hearts and roses. Glamour is another quality with which red is associated. Think red lipstick, perfect hair and 1950s ‘up-dos. It’s also the colour of passion and danger. By wearing this colour you are hinting at a fun and playful side. Red is bright and stands out in the crowd – not a colour to wear if you are a shy and retiring type.

There are many different styles of red dress to choose from. For day wear, you could opt for red and white stripes to wear to work. In the evening, choose a red chiffon or lace number to up the glam stakes. At home, cute floral-patterned red dresses are the order of the day. Wearing red is exciting and brings passion to your world, wherever you are.

Another great thing about red dresses is their versatility. Pair them with boots, coloured tights, court shoes or pumps to wear to work. Throw on a red shift dress over a pair of skinny jeans when you’re heading out shopping. Red dresses look great with leather jackets, trench coats or layered cardigans in contrasting colours.

All in all, red dresses are the perfect choice of clothes to wear this summer. Fun, flattering and carefree, they will dress up your day wear and brighten your night. Be daring – find confidence in yourself and wear red for all to see. Throw away those humdrum greys and pinks. Take a fashion step forward, into red.

Author Bio:

Donna Williams is a journalist who until recently tended to stick with neutral colours. She has however rediscovered a love of red dresses and now wears them at every opportunity!