Why you should try a European manicure


Manicures are spa treatments that are meant to leave your hands feeling pampered. Although the procedures all start in the same way, some beauty professionals choose pathways that are more creative. The European manicure may not abound in creativity, but it looks polished and it is needless to say that that it looks pretty. In fact, this professional care is one of the most underrated ones, so people are not aware what benefits it bring about. To enjoy the advantages offered by a European manicure, visit http://www.igbeauty.com/. However, what are the benefits offered by this cosmetic beauty treatment? Read this article and you will find out what exactly this a European manicure implies and what advantages it has over other similar ones.

Definition of European manicure

A European manicure is commonly known as a dry manicure and it is very much like to the American procedure. More precisely, this spa treatment is not traumatic. On the contrary, the shaping of the fingernails is gentle on the hands. The cosmetic beauty treatment does not imply the use of scissors and what happens is that the cuticles are forced backward with a tool called an orange stick. The professional care for hands and nails involves removing the nail polish and giving your nails a chance to rest. The cuticles are not cut. Should the cuticles be tough, they are left to soak in warm water for a few minutes. The fingernails are ether kept as they are or a coat of polish is applied.

The advantages of European manicure

The reason why this specialty treatment is considered one of the healthiest ones is that it rejects the use of scissors. The cuticles are not trimmed and there is no risk for infection or even injury. Bacteria or fungi are not likely to get into your blood stream. Cuts are generally neglected and the fact is that they can develop into serious lacerations. Another thing to keep in mind is that the hands ae soaked in a mixture of herbs, not in harsh chemicals. There is nothing painful about this professional care for the hands and fingernails, not to mention that after the third procedure your hands will be incredibly soft. The European manicure is for everyone, but you should not attempt do this procedure in the comfort of your home, without proper tools.

Are there any contraindications for a European Manicure?

Surprisingly, there are contraindications when it comes to a European manicure. To be more precise, the procedure does not address people with overgrown cuticles. The cosmetic beauty procedure works best for people who have fine skin. It is important to stress that the European manicure addresses both men and women alike. If the specialty technique is not for you, then the beauty professionals working at the salon will recommend you a service that is right for you.


The bottom line is that the European manicure is not traumatic and it will give your nails a well-groomed appearance. If you are looking to express your personality, you should try red nail or bold trends. No matter what look you choose, you can be sure that your nails will look perfect.